About Louise. 

Senior Marketing Experience 
- experienced client and agency side

An experienced CIM and ILM qualified marketer and leader with 16 years of success. Recognised by WalesOnline's 35 under 35. Expert in driving growth through innovative B2B and B2C campaigns. Strong leader and communicator with a commitment to a positive work culture.

Expert Start-up Consulting & Marketing Success.

Proven Success in Start-Up Consulting, Brand Transformation, & Marketing Excellence
  • Skilled in successfully launching new to market brand Unicom Agency as a start-up consultancy which followed a record of three years of YOY growth and boosted new business revenue
  • Segmented the agency sub-brand and expanded its reach into new, untapped education markets
  • Expert in tender writing and bidding worth over £3 million
  • Secured major university and college tenders for valuable, long-term campaigns

Crafting a Thriving Workplace Culture.

Approach to building a thriving culture includes:

  • Encourage work-life balance - tested out a scheme such as 9-day fortnights 
  • Celebrate successes and milestones - have measurements of success at every level and celebrate all wins however little or large
  • Foster open communication and collaboration - open door policy
  • Cultivate values and ethics and lead by example
  • Provide growth and development opportunities through progression pathways
  • Promote diversity, inclusivity and equality
  • Recognise and reward good work
  • Listen to employee feedback and concerns through NPS surveys
  • Encourage innovation and creative problem-solving - at all levels, through quarterly strategy days and monthly continual improvement
  • Offer a positive and supportive work environment - signpost wellbeing and HR support

Mentoring & Guest Lecturers

Participation & Volunteering  

Prince's Trust Business Mentor: Mentored young entrepreneurs, providing commercial insight and guidance to help achieve their goals.

Bridgend College Skills Mentor: Mentored a student interested in starting a business, offering guidance and support to help them succeed.

Careers Wales Business Speaker: Provided marketing and career advice to secondary school students in Swansea Bay.

Empowering Excellence: 
Streamlining Marketing and Sales Operations

  • Contributed to the agency being named a "Best Place to Work" in 2021
  • Developed and launched an internal marketing training program (AC Academy) to improve internal skills and facilitate knowledge sharing among staff - looking at High Performing Teams, Communications & Leadership
  • Delivered offsite quarterly strategy days to leverage partnerships cross departments and establish new teams
  • Industrialised marketing by creating processes to support revitalising. 
  • Organisational restructure (Hub) to create one function team in one central point to bring efficienies and reduce expenditure.
  • Oversee 13 individual brands at it's most servicing time.
  • Created marketing roadmap per a brand agency.
  • Established a robust award and accreditation process that led to recognition, raising reputation and strengthening existing client relationships.


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