Times Square: 
Nasdaq takeover

Triodos Bank went to the heart of the financial community to show that money is about much more than figures.  The purpose was to create an experiential campaign that had impact on the centre stage of the global economy and the advert in situ, with the reaction of by-passers was the final take of the ad. 

Small. The new big

"We live in a wonderful time. A time in which everyone can contribute to another economy. Greener. More humane."

NHS: Public Health Wales

Mental health campaign "ACTivate your Life"


Public Health Wales was seeking a digital-focused marketing campaign to promote its new video series, "ACTivate Your Life." The aim is to help individuals better understand and manage their emotions to lead less stressful lives. 


Brand Build & Strategic Launch

The Unicom brand was built on the go-to market desire to engage and lead gen with FE and HE. The brand purpose was to create unmissable, insightful, innovative and compelling communications that would help education marketeers attract first class students and fill courses.

Crunch Media

Brand Build & Strategic Launch

Crunch is a digital media and ATL marketing agency. Their approach to humanise data and digital media strategies will get the right response from the people that matter. The brand needed new application for a new go-to market. 

Triodos Bank 
in one minute

Triodos Bank leveraged a captivating one-minute animated video to drive a multi-channel European marketing campaign, showcasing the bank's purpose and ethical values.

Follow your heart.
Use your head.

As part of Triodos Bank's 2015 ISA campaign, a task was assigned to create an ethical marketing campaign to educate consumers on ISAs. The campaign strategy included the creation of short, real-person video testimonials, which were intentionally unpolished to bring a sense of authenticity to the campaign. 

Follow your heart.
Use your head.

Another video production example from the ISA campaign series 2015. These videos were segmented effort, aimed at targeting Triodos Bank's customer base more effectively.

"We're proud to be bankers"

"Our bank has a mission. And a vision. To make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. We only lend to projects that benefit people or the environment. We believe that economic activity can, and should have, a positive difference on society, the environment and culture."


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