Lety Kemp, 
Data Scientist.

"I have worked with Louise at Crunch for over four years, we had many opportunities to work together on several projects spanning marketing strategies, tender submission, and internal process optimisation. She is a knowledgeable, driven, and adaptable marketing expert. I learnt a lot from her as a marketing leader and team manager. She has this canny ability to instill calmness in a fast-paced environment while remaining extra focused in the quality of final outcomes.

Louise is very well regarded not only as a marketing expert but also as a team leader. She’s certainly an invaluable asset to any organisation."

Ghenaa Shakil Ahmed, Delivery Specialist.

"Louise is the true definition of a mentor in all the nuances of the word. Louise identified my strengths before I did and continues to advise me in my career. She has been a friend and an advisor through her compassion, encouragement, and the high standards of work ethic she sets by her practices. I have found Louise to be culturally sensitive and socially responsive along with having an admirable appreciation of diversity. She has excellent communication skills which enable her to create an inclusive and progressive work environment.

I would highly recommend Louise both as an experienced well-versed marketeer and marketing supervisor."


"I had the pleasure of working closely with Louise on the senior management team at Crunch Simply Digital for just over 3 years. She was always an incredibly positive, competent and professional influence. Louise worked wonders on the Crunch Simply Digital brand. 

This included: planning, delivering, and promoting events of an exceptional standard; recruiting and developing internal contributors to the Crunch blog; and project managing campaign creative of exceptional quality. 

Louise is a real people-person with exceptional communication skills. From a management, marketing and a business development perspective."

Abigail Morgan,
Brand Manager.

"Louise was my line manager at Crunch Digital Media for just over two years. During that time she consistently gave 100% of herself to me and the team, and I would consider her a pivotal figure in my career. 

During my time at Crunch, she became both my mentor and a friend as she is super positive, creative and passionate and has this unique ability to be both professional and personable. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her so if you're ever looking for an exceptional marketing professional who can help your team reach its full potential, look no further."

Rhian Morgan,
Account Executive. 

"I worked with Louise during my time at Crunch Digital Media. She was more than just a line manager; she became a mentor and a friend as I progressed in my career. 

She has this unique ability to bring the personable and the professional together whilst constantly being enthusiastic and positive. We would be able to approach challenges by collaborating closely and think outside the box to solve any problem. 

She brought a fountain of knowledge to the team and shared the knowledge. She was encouraging of me and allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge."

Tom Owen,

"Louise is a brilliant, competent, creative marketing professional. She's been dazzlingly good across all creative media. She's got a strong work ethic, is skilled at brand management and budgeting and is incredibly passionate about marketing and her team. She's be perfect for any marketing position, or to lead a team of creative professionals."


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